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FX Vision ASSET Management

The core value of managing external capital is applied responsibility.

It is our responsibility as money managers to constantly improve our operations by critically examining existing procedures while implementing system improvements. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to help our clients in finding the correct risk reward ratio that reflects their needs and provides the performance in accordance with their risk profile.

At FX Vision AG, we offer a customized asset management approach to each and every client that entails a transparent and fair cost structure.

Providing the highest ethical standards in conjunction with superior professional expertise is our responsibility.The trust that the client places with us defines our mission to do everything in our power to combine know- how and experience for the benefit of our customers. In the end, it is our pledge to maximize return according to the risk parameters of the client.

Genuine, consistent and mutual success can only be achieved by using a responsible and ethical approach. Finally, we are not satisfied with mediocre results. Achieving exceptional results form the basis of our daily trading activity.

"fx pro matrix"

Our „fx pro matrix“ asset management concept is a fully automated investment strategy based on systematic and market-neutral FX trading in the leading global currencies. The objective: to continuously and steadily generate positive returns.

The „fx pro matrix“ consists of a multitude of correlated currency pairs that are organized in in a predefined system of currency baskets. According to trends developing and changing, the „fx pro matrix“ follows a proprietary strategy to capture trend movement by efficiently adapting to market developments. FX Vision's tried and tested advanced trading system enables us to detect and use special mathematical mechanisms on the markets which others are unable to recognize, as this is not possible with conventional methods.

This unique positioning not only ensures we operate completely independently of countless potential market movements; it also enables us to harness extraordinary return potential for ourselves and our clients without increasing a clearly limited risk exposure.

Finally, our fully automated proprietary trading approach works 24 hours a day according to predefined parameters devoid of human emotion yet overseen by human supervision. Our state of the art technology allows us to execute our complex strategy in the blink of an eye. We employ a system of risk management that works at all times to ensure system integrity according to rigid standards.

While FX Vision's trading model follows the gains to the fullest mathematical probability we employ strict loss management to limit downside risk. In our long term analysis of this approach we have observed extraordinarily positive results even through periods of severe financial distress. Therefore, we feel confident that the „fx pro matrix“ will continue to return exceptional returns to our clients.


The „fx pro matrix“ acts independently of a singular market movement and of overall economic conditions. Specific currency pairs take on a subdued role and there is no correlation to equity markets. The FX market is the most liquid market in the world that allows the quickest and best order fills in the industry.


Above average returns in trending markets are pursued regardless of direction. Even small trend movements bear the potential for our system to capture sizable returns.


Losses can occur in times of sideways, trendless markets. Periods of temporary drawdowns are possible especially in the first 6 months as the inventory is accumulated.

The „fx pro matrix“ has proven to be a consistent winner even in the most challenging market environments. While FX market conditions may cause significant volatility in the short term, on an annual basis our methodology has always delivered remarkably positive results.

The Risk-Reward Ratio of „fx pro matrix“

We offer individually customized risk adjustment according to our clients’ needs. By choosing to match preset risk parameters with customers’ risk profiles we are able to reduce both upside and downside volatility as desired. Nevertheless, lowering the risk to endure volatility also lowers the chance for outsized returns accordingly.

A comprehensive evaluation of the „fx pro matrix“ shows an extremely favorable risk-return profile with the added benefit of clearly defined and enforced downside risk management.

Asset Classes - Fund solutions

Volatility & Return

There are several options available in order to participate in the FX Vision AG pro matrix. Clients may choose to open an account with the broker of their choice and let FX Vision AG trade that account according to predefined and customized volatility and risk/return measures. This concept of asset management requires a minimum asset base of 100 thousand Euros. Another way to employ the FX Visions trading system is to participate in our professionally managed, public fund. The FX Vision Fund’s advantages are defined by remarkable performance and quick access to capital. Investors are able to participate in this product offering starting at 75 thousand Euros. In addition, the Fund allows institutional investors to further customize their parameters to meet their clients’ needs. This way we offer a variety of asset solutions that work for every type of investor.