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About FX Vision AG, VQF, SRO

FX Vision AG is a registered Swiss financial entity and recorded as CHE 329.391.622 in the Swiss official corporate directory. Furthermore, FX Vision AG is an SRO member (self-regulatory and industry organization for independent asset managers, membership no. 100117) of the VQF Financial Services Standards Association (Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen, hereafter referred to as „VQF“). The VQF is the largest and leading Swiss financial supervisory system officially recognized by federal law as of October 1997 to combat money laundering and terrorism related financial activity.

The SRO is registered as a private entity according to civil law and is registered in the canton of Zug and bears full official recognition by the federal Swiss financial authorities (FINMA) as SRO according to article 24 of GwG(anti money laundering law). The SRO employs supervision of its members as mandated by Swiss law. The charter of the GwG (For further information please visit the FINMA website) manifests that the financial intermediaries involved in their own mutual interest, shall be able to organize in a way that enforces the rules and responsibilities within their operations according to the GwG and its constant supervision. Any violation of existing standards may be recorded and penalized by the SRO. Members of the SRO VQF have the professional supervisory authority to enforce the terms of compliance and better business standards. The SRO is the leading authority in the para banking sector throughout Switzerland and branches out into other industries as well. In the financial sector, the SRO remains the oldest and largest regulatory body and enforces its standards rigorously. That includes standard audits according to Swiss financial regulation and law. The SRO is officially recognized by FINMA, regulated and supervised which is why, by law and officially, it is considered self-regulatory organization. For further information please visit the VQF website at or the FINMA website at

Financial Center Switzerland

Fertile soil for your capital investment

In Switzerland „Excellence in Banking“ is synonymous with: Reliability, Efficiency, Responsibility, Confidentiality and Professionalism

FX Vision AG is both a Swiss-based and Swiss-registered asset management company. Its services give you access to the financial markets from the heart of Switzerland. Switzerland has an excellent reputation as an international financial center thanks to 150 years of unbroken political and economic stability, low inflation and continuous neutrality. This is surely one of the reasons the country is also one of the world‘s strongest national economies.

Traditional values, high product and service quality and a sound economic framework are strongly associated with Switzerland, as is long experience in the field of asset management.

Nearly one third of global cross-border private assets are managed in Switzerland. The country is one of the leaders in this field. This also means an obligation and responsibility for all asset managers operating in Switzerland to ensure absolute and long-term client satisfaction. Switzerland as a center of finance has built up a particularly strong international reputation in the forex and commodities trading segments and in the management of funds of hedge funds; the country has its pick of the world‘s leading experts in these areas.

Opportunity and Risk

The Currency market (Foreign Exchange Market, FX or FOREX) is a virtual place of business where buyers and sellers of currency meet to transact a defined amount of currency at an agreed upon price. The FX market has no set location as global market participants transact electronically regardless of location. The FX market constitutes the largest market by daily volume and turns over an approximate $5.4 trillion a day. Due to the globalization of the world economy, FX trading follows practically any sizable business activity. Furthermore, due to large involvement by global authorities, the FX market has deviated significantly from economic realities of countries’ currencies. While a national currency used to reflect the economic conditions of a country, in today’s world, currencies are utilized to achieve political objectives, both nationally and internationally. Trading in the FX market bears significant risk as economic indicators have taken the back seat as a tool to forecast appropriate price level. Gain and Loss have become close passengers in the industry.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, Individual currency pairs are set to continue on their path of higher fluctuation. Entering the FX market for speculative purposes has therefore become an extremely dangerous endeavor. Every opportunity to gain entails the quick, sharp loss on the potential downside, sometimes wiping out the entire capital base. With "fx pro matrix", the loss parameters are pre-defined rigidly to avoid such negative outcome.

Clearly, it takes knowledge and experience in order to succeed in today’s fast paced FX market.

What it takes to stay on the road to success in the FX Market

Human emotions such as fear and greed as well as self-righteousness are the strongest enemies of any FX trader. Fear leads to premature profit taking while greed accelerates the willingness to accept risk to levels beyond control. Self-righteousness has the ability to turn rational thinkers into stubborn soothsayers regarding the future direction of price. Despite these human weaknesses there are many accomplished traders that have achieved consistent, positive returns in the FX market. Those who lose typically fall victim to their own emotions.

Successful market participants set emotions aside and trade independent of event yet follow a pre-defined strategy to the core. “Stop-Loss”, “Take Profit” and “Trailing Stops” are some of the tools that must be employed in order to achieve lasting success. Emotional trading must be avoided at all times. The human element is no longer needed in order to implement a predefined strategy in the financial markets. Are Computers superior traders? After all, the machines are always focused, follow rules without exception and are ready to work 24 hours 7 days a week. Furthermore, computers can execute orders far more rapidly than

The right concept to achieve success in the FX market

The human element is no longer needed in order to implement a predefined strategy in the financial markets. Are Computers superior traders? After all, the machines are always focused, follow rules without exception and are ready to work 24 hours 7 days a week. Furthermore, computers can execute orders far more rapidly than their human counterparts.

Another advantage of a fully automated trading system is the fact that it doesn’t fall prey to human emotions yet there are a multitude of differences among such systems. At the end of the day, the best approach is to combine human intelligence with computer efficiency in order to develop and employ a superior automated trading system.

Managed Account

“Managed accounts” means authorized asset management within a client’s account. The customer opens an account at the broker of his choice after which he signs an agreement with FX Vision AG that allows us to start managing the client’s funds according to our "fx pro matrix" system. The Managed Account allows each and every account owner to customize his/her risk parameters according to individual preference.

Real Time Reporting

The Managed Account remains open and visible to the customer at all times. The client retains all rights to view, deposit and withdraw funds as he deems necessary. At FX Vision AG, we also offer quarterly reporting and real time commentary for the customer who may need more information than the brokerage account provides. FX Vision AG provides all necessary log- in tools for customers in order to view their accounts at any time and be up to date on market movement and developments.

Should the customer decide to withdraw all funds, a quick note to FX Vision AG will suffice to close all positions and allow for funds to be transferred. Furthermore, FX Vision AG stands ready to answer any question the client may have.


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